Thursday, October 4, 2012

Books and Relationships

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You know how we're always comparing the book business to relationships? How publishing a book is like giving birth to a baby. Or breaking up with your agent is like divorcing your husband or breaking up with a boyfriend. Well, I thought of a new one this week.

I've been trying to make myself work on one book, a book that I do like a lot but is not the one I'm currently infatuated with. I've been making myself work on it for months because it's the book that will do better in the current publishing industry. The one that would fit a wider audience. And it's been going reallllllllllly slowly. Mostly because it's not the book I want to be working with. Take book number two. I really love book number two. I'm excited about it. Pages come out quickly because I know where it's going. I'm thinking about it all the time. Even though it's not the "right book" for the market, I love it. I'm always writing myself little notes for when I can get back to working on it.  And in the mean time, I keep pushing myself to concentrate on book number one. The right book.

You know what this is just like? Guys! Take Guy #1-- this great guy that maybe my Mom picked out. A friend's son. Everyone is telling me to go with Guy #1. He's so perfect, he's stable, he's so "right" for me. Everyone thinks we're great together. But, I'm not feeling the chemistry. I'm making myself go out with him and sit through endless conversations about his fantasy football league. The Guy I'm really digging? Guy #2? He's totally wrong for me. No one can picture us together. We're total opposites. My mother would freak out. And I want him.

So yeah, I just came to this realization this past week and decided to chuck it all. Forget about what other people think, what's "right" for me. I'm going with Guy #2! I mean, Book #2. :-) And it feels good to be back on track.

Kristina, Miss Author in Action

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