Monday, October 1, 2012

Mental Mondays

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I don't really mind Mondays so much. I have a yoga class Monday night I never miss. It's very mind-clearing and a great way to start the week. The instructor likes to tell us that Monday is our day to start over. Every week, we get a chance to start over and wipe away what worried us last week. This week could be different. It all depends on our intentions.

So Mondays aren't that bad. I get my laundry done over the weekend so I have clean clothes. The kids are willing to wake up and go to school (as opposed to later in the week when they're overtired and dragging their feet). I do my blog post so I think about writing. This is a new week in my writing world. I could accomplish tons this week for all I know.

Sunday is a day to rest. Monday is a day to get in gear and make things happen.

So take a deep breath this Monday, pat yourself on the back for everything you got done last week, and resolve to do something you really want to do this week. See, Mondays aren't so bad.

-- Kate, Miss Perfecting the Pages

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DeenaML said...

I love this Monday optimism! :)