Thursday, October 18, 2012

Contest Crazy! Tips & Tricks

Tip of the Day: Enter my contests! :-) Links below.

I'm having a contest crazy week with three contests! I thought I'd tell you a little about each one so you can see if contests are something you'd like to do in the future for promoting your books.

My first one is at Free Book Friday. Every Friday they give out books donated by the author. This week I donated three signed copies of The Espressologist and answered interview questions. They also have pages for fiction, non-fiction, and indie books as well so this is a great option no matter what type of books you are publishing. My verdict on this type of contest? DO IT. This is my third time on FreeBookFriday and it's been the best. I can see visible results from their efforts. For one, my twitter followers took a huge jump. Last time I checked I was up by 125 followers this week. And looking at their rafflecopter, there are 6,424 entries with 14 hours to go. Pretty awesome. Definitely worth it.

My second contest is for The Paparazzi Project cover reveal. Here's the cover again:

I love it! :-) For my contest I'm giving away an eARC, swag, and a $25 Amazon gift certificate. This contest is running for a week and so far has 270 entries. Which is pretty awesome for my blog! I don't have as high as traffic as a place like Free Book Friday (which is why it's great to run contests on sites with good traffic!) but you may remember me talking about some of my earlier giveaways where I'd have only 5 entries. This one is going MUCH better. :-)

My third contest starts at midnight tonight. I joined another blog hop. Do you remember how much I loved the last one? Well, this one is a Jane Austin inspired blog hop so if you love books that are Jane Austin inspired, you'll want to check this one out. 79 blogs will be giving away books from 10/19-10/24.

Things I'd suggest you definitely do with your contests? Use rafflecopter. It is really great at keeping track of everything and super easy for your contestants to use. Give something everyone would like if you can (like an Amazon gift certificate). And have people tweet for you as an entry. The more people tweeting for you the better the word gets out. For example, I have people tweeting this as an entry into my cover reveal contest:

THE PAPARAZZI PROJECT Cover Reveal! $25  GC, eARC, & swag!      

Hashtags are your friends. Don't forget to include them too. :-) And I have to add, that everything I'm learning comes from the brilliant Megg Jensen. She's a marketing machine. :-)

Kristina, Miss Author in Action

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Don't forget to post your new cover in our sidebar! :) So bright and eye-catching!