Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A2A The Teen Years: Em’s Sophomore Saturday Nights

Tip of the Day: Have a safe spring break!

Em is away from the Internet this week so we thought it’d be fun if we just GUESSED what she used to do on her sophomore Saturday nights.

Kate thinks Em spent her Saturdays at the movie theater.

Deena says Em went to her HS's basketball games and oggled the cute players.

I think our angel Em spent Saturday nights at church.

And Lisa thinks Em went to the library.

Hmmm…think any of us are right? Want to take a guess? Leave a comment with your guess at how Em spent Saturday nights. And stay tuned, Deena, I, and Lisa will be talking about how we spent our Sophomore Saturdays this week.

1 comment:

Emily Marshall said...

OMG, I love these pictures. And you guys are so smart. I'm sure I did all these things at least one Saturday my Sophomore year. I also hung out with Friends a ton, made movies, and had several volleyball games on Saturdays (though, I guess some of those would have been during the day too).

You made me laugh. Thanks!