Friday, April 10, 2009

A2A The Teen Years: Sophomore Saturday Nights

Tip of the day: Peeps are dangerous. Be very, very careful this weekend.

Ah, okay. Saturday nights. Sophomore year. Well, since that was the year my friends and I turned 16, this is easy. Cruising the strip is what we did Saturday nights. And NO, this wasn't the 60's.

I went to a small town high school, and the next town over had this section of town that was PERFECT for cruising. And it would get packed. We would be in stand-still traffic at 10:00 at night, with the windows rolled down and Billy Squire blaring from the speakers. And hopefully, or at least my friends hoped anyway, we'd be sitting next to a car full of cute guys.

I never drove, one of my friends, Dawn or Jodi, who had REALLY cool cars, usually drove. This is what one of theirs looked like (no, I'm not kidding):

The funny thing about this whole cruising thing is that I HATED sitting in the front seat. Because sitting in the front seat meant I might have to strike up a conversation with a car full of guys I didn’t know and that was really my least favorite part of cruising. I liked the music, I liked talking and laughing with the girls, and I liked looking at the guys. But when it came to talking to them? To pure strangers? On a road, in a car? Yeah, not so much.

Today, whenever I hear a Billy Squire song, I instantly go back to those good old days and I almost feel 16 again. No cool car. No strip to cruise. No cute guys to ogle over, except my husband, of course.

But still, almost…

~Lisa, Miss Crafting a Career


Emily Marshall said...

Jordan used to go cruising too. We never did that, I guess because we didn't have a town that fit it, so I totally never understood what the point was. But I guess anywhere there's lots of people your age is a good thing and tons of fun :)

Kate Fall said...

My friends had the coolest cars. Old model Dodge Chargers, Ford Mustangs and Gran Torinos, Chevy Malibus and El Caminos. I still love those muscle cars so much. I don't think teens have a real equivalent to those "nowadays."

Ahh, the smell of Bondo. That was girlfriend devotion--standing in his garage for an hour watching him work on his car.

Lisa Schroeder said...

Kate - our schools sound a lot alike!!

The big thing for the guys were the old trucks, and fixing them up to shine, like a 63 Chevy. Who knew an old truck could be so beautiful? :)