Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A2A The Teen Years: Senior Saturday Nights

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All right, you caught me. I'm cheating. My sophomore Saturday nights I'll go into another time, but I was inspired to write about my SENIOR Sat nights bc it was much more entertaining to write about. In my senior year of high school, my awesome friend Jessica and I would cause shenanigans. They were harmless acts, but shenanigans nonetheless. And we cracked ourselves up.

We were friends with this hilarious guy, Chris, who had once told us that he and his guy friends had taken one of those flashing construction lights from the top of an orange and white striped construction pole along the side of the road.

Jess and I were like, We could do that! So one night in her old car (decorated with bumper stickers and strings of lights) we pulled alongside a ton of construction poles (in front of a church), got out of the car, and heaved the pole with light into the back seat. Can I say those suckers are heavier than they look? And taller, too!

We pried the light off for ourselves, then took the pole and put it in Chris's yard with a fake head and construction hat, so it was like a dummy standing in his yard. (Yes, it was a good thing his parents had a sense of humor.)

And so, the war began. Following late night shenanigans included:

1) C putting a construction cone in J's car

2) J and I hanging reflective CAUTION construction signs from his porch

3) C soaping J's car's windows

4) J and I throwing Fig Newtons all over C's porch/driveway (you had to be there)

5) J and I posting huge color copies of a terrible pic of C on the fence in his front yard

6) C and his friends hauling J's neighbor's fake well onto J's house's roof

7) J and I putting politcal signs all over C's front yard

Ah yes, the good times in rural Hilton never ended.

How did you spend your Senior Saturday nights?

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing


Kate Fall said...

OMG my friends and I loved practical jokes! Once Jackie and I convinced these guys we were friends with that someone was leaving nasty pics on my windshield in the middle of the night and they needed to do a stakeout--wait outside my house in their car overnight to catch the culprit. When they fell asleep, we covered their car in TP. Completely.

Kristina Springer said...

Ha! I love it!

One of my friends had one of those flashing lights too and I wanted one so while driving her home we saw one of those construction thingies and stopped and threw it into my trunk. The whole BIG thing. We figured we'd work on getting the light off at home and then return the rest of the barrier later. We got pulled over! The cop was like what is sticking out of your car? Me, 16 and driving, "ummmm huh?" We got out of it though. I told him that I was just moving it out of my driveway and acted really irate that some construction worker left it blocking my driveway and that I was going to return it to its owner. Um, right. He believed me though and let us go. He took the barrier with him though-- ha ha!

DeenaML said...

Tina -- Yes, we took the whole thing, too, but it was just one pole. I can't believe you got caught! HA!

Kate -- Oh yes, TP is just emabarrasing. :)

Emily Marshall said...

Too fun. We totally did stuff like this senior year. We LOVED putting stuff in people's yards: random trash sculptures, toilets (with writings such as "We would never dump you..."), and too much toilet paper/shaving cream/saran wrap/forks to list. Oh wait, some of those were probably when we were alittle, ahem, older too.

You have to get creative when you live in the country.

Manina said...

I guess there isn't much else to do in a small town but to prank people!! Fig newtons were a reoccurring theme -- remember the Metallica concert?