Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Would You Rather... (or Choose Your Own Adventure!)

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Would You Rather...

Debut with a middle grade or young adult novel?











Ok, now here's what I think....

I know many of us write books that straddle the line between MG and YA. And we often hear how an author should brand herself and stick with one genre/category of writing. Seemingly two opposing forces working against each other, right? But if you write both MG and YA, what are you to do?

If I sold a YA first, I could establish myself as an edgier writer, someone who takes risks and doesn't censor my language or ideas bc of my mature audience. I could continue to push the envelope with the ideas I want to write. But, then when I went to sell an MG, would I get resistance bc my readers wouldn't want to read something younger? Like, do Meg Cabot's ALLIE FINKLE MG books do as well as her YAs?

If I sold an MG first, I could establish myself as a writer suitable for younger readers. They could follow me as they grew older and I forayed into YAs. Like how J. K. Rowling's HARRY POTTER characters grew with her initial readers. But, then when I went to sell a YA, would I get resistance bc publishers wouldn't want younger kids to think my YAs are appropriate for them, too? Would older readers think the books were "babyish" just based on my author name?

Right, now despite my position as a YA Librarian, I think I'd aim to sell an MG first. Granted, my MGs are on the older end of the spectrum, but there's something about the thought of my readers growing with me that makes me feel good.

Perhaps another way to ask this question is:

Would You Rather...

Brand yourself initially as a YA or MG author?

What do you think?

Deena, Miss Subbing or Pubbing


Kristina Springer said...

I'm going to say YA. Mostly because that is what I sold first-- ha ha! But I'm almost positive my second book will be MG so I guess we can move back and forth. I think it's okay if you write sweeter YA like I do. My YA is for 12 and up.

Rhonda Helms said...

I'd have to say YA, too. :D

Emily Marshall said...

Either one would be fine :) But YA will always hold a special place since it's what I started with.

Kate Fall said...

I'm kind of leaning towards what you said, Deena. But my YA tends to on the young end of YA. It's difficult to think of branding myself at this point in my writing journey!

I also like what Em said ... really, either would be fine!