Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hook up with the Locals

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I mean, if you want to. Whatever. :-)

Last week in my tip of the day I mentioned there was an Illinois Author Fair in Bolingbrook, IL. I wasn't part of the fair but I knew there would be some YA authors there so I really wanted to go and introduce myself.

I got to meet three authors: Stephanie Kuehnert (I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone), Kimberly Pauley (Sucks to be Me), and Pamela Todd (The Blind Faith Hotel). They were all so cool and nice and it's so fun to meet other YA authors who live in the same area. In this field lots of times it can feel lonely because no one else is around that does what you do (unless you live in NYC, then you're pretty lucky to be surrounded by cool authors frequently!). Or, if you're like me, you've talked to other authors so much online that you start to think they look like the person on their book covers. (Come on, you do this too right? Right?) So if any opportunity to meet others in your area pops up, grab it.

I'd like to be a good blogger and give you pictures and more details about the Illinois Author Fair but it was kind of a blur for me. Saturday was one of those days where the list of family things to do was a mile high so I ran into the fair at the end at literally just scanned the room for Stephanie's cute hair. Once I found her I introduced myself and we chatted. And then she introduced me to the others. I can tell you the fair did look cool from what I saw. There were authors at tables all around the Fountaindale library in Bolingbrook, a B&N rep selling a ton of books, bits of swag all over to pick up, drinks and treats to munch on, and a raffle. I'm totally planning on participating next year once my book is out.

But even if you don't have any author fairs in your area, maybe put a shout out on Verla's or another Web site and see what authors are in your area? Have you guys hooked up with YA authors in your area? If so, how did find them? Share!

Kristina, Miss Delighted to Debut


Unknown said...

I'm commenting!

liraelwiddershins said...

Lordy knows I don't always look like my author picture :) But hey, I did have a baby since it was taken...

Amanda Morgan said...

I got to meet Bethany Griffin this past weekend at the SoKy Bookfest. It was so much fun to meet someone I'd emailed with so much!

Unknown said...

I'm commenting because I need new books and I want to read this one! :)

Ghost Girl (aka, Mary Ann) said...

Great suggestion! I will have to do that, but so far, I've found a lot of people in the Atlanta area...3 hours away. But Hey! I'm going to go over to the blue boards and give it a shot!