Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where should my time go?

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Em's away from the Internet still this week so I thought I'd throw up a discussion question for ANYONE to answer. Where should a young adult fiction author's online attention go? I'm kinda feeling like there is SO MUCH out there right now that I don't know what to spend more time on. Here's where I'm at right now:


Live Journal


my Web site






2009 Debutantes

Is there somewhere else I should be? Is there one place that is better to spend time at than another? Like, everyone is saying TWITTER! TWITTER! TWITTER! lately. What do you guys think? Where is the best place to invest your time/energy?

Kristina, Miss Delighted to Debut


Kate Fall said...

It's a real problem lately. If you're trying to reach your audience of teens, I think Facebook is a great place to be. But that isn't all we use the 'net for, so we end up with lots of different sites for different purposes.

Megan said...

I don't think teens Twitter all that much, at least the ones I know. Maybe in a couple months from now, but right now, the thing is Facebook.
If you're interested in vlogging and Youtube, that would be a good route too, particularly if you could cook up something funny and cute that teens would want to share with their friends. Besides that, I'd work on having a great web site!

DeenaML said...

It does seem facebook is the place to connect with teen readers.

What is the place to connect with librarians/teachers/book stores online? I'm not sure! ARCs sent to libraries are good, and then buzz from my fellow librarians helps.

Kristina Springer said...

Well, I DO love my facebook! Only downfall is when old friends post pictures of you with your hair sprayed three feet up in the air in 8th grade. :-)

Emily Marshall said...

I'm definitely loving facebook over myspace, but I still see the older teens much more on myspace at the library still (though all the younger ones are gravitating to facebook). I haven't gotten into the whole twitter thing. Maybe if I had an iphone :) But to be honest, I think you should do what you want on the internet. I think it can help build a fan base of loyal readers who already like your books and occasionally get new readers. But if you aren't into it, I think it's easy to tell for readers. Having a good Web site is important, but beyond that, I say do what you like the most and maintain a small presence on a few other sites that are easy to just have and you don't have to do much with.

Christina Farley said...

According to my husband (a high school teacher) he says all the kids do facebook. It's the rage. They talk about what people say on facebook in class and what's happening there.

maybe twitter will be next? hard to know.