Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A love of libraries

Tip of the Day: show your support for your local library, join your Friends of the Library group or check out one of their used books sale.

I LOVE libraries.

That should be obvious, since I love books.

But to be honest I think I love libraries even more than books. What's not to love: easy access to books and movies, smart services to help you research, and tons more.

So it's no wonder I now work at a library. But other than that I've also been a patron at a number of different libraries: from large to small. And here's some of my favorite things:

1.) I love access to all different types of books. I'm a browser at heart and I love to try lots of new things. If I had to buy a new book for all the ones I wanted to try, I'd go into debt quickly. I love the option of checking out twenty books, just to find the perfect one.

2.) I love that you can put things on hold. I'm embarrassed to admit how lazy I am, that even though I work at a library, sometimes it's nice to still be able to put stuff on hold (even at another library). I love that other people do the work for you and all you have to do is go to the circulation desk to pick up your materials. And I love it even more that you can also order books from other libraries. The list of books are endless!

3.) I love that most libraries don't discriminate. I'm not a lover of literary fiction and chances are pretty good I never will be. Sure I might enough a book here or there, but my true reading love lies with chick lit, romantic fiction, and cheesy YA. Luckily for me, librarians buy all of these books too!

4.) I love that there's no need to monitor how many books you get. Sure you might be limited to how many you can check out at once, but there's no need to count pennies. You are only paying for books and services during tax time, and with that you are only limited by how you use the services.

5.) I love that you can also get movies, because sometimes all you need is a good movie.

Basically, I just love libraries. Some have more services than others and easier access to information. But in the end every library I've ever been to just wants to give their patrons a good experience and provide them with good reads they enjoy. LOVE IT!


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amuse me said...

Totally agree - I love our library here, although I miss not seeing your smiling face. I especially love that if our library doesn't have a particular book, they can get it from another library, usually within a day or two. That is a great service.