Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yearbook Fun!

Tip of the Day: Check out this list of indie bookstores near the 200 Borders that are closing.

Going through old yearbooks is a blast! I completely forgot that I had a 5th grade yearbook (it was tucked inside a junior high yearbook) and WOW, is this any indication of how I was at ten years old?

"Tina, Hope you have a great summer. Find a hunk. -Eileen"

"Tina, I like you a lot, hope feel better, and find a boy! -Ann H."

"Tina, Have a great summer. Good luck with the boys. -Teri"

So what is that about? Was I that boy crazy? Was I the only one without a boyfriend?!! Oh yeah, that's how that Fake Boyfriend thing got going... moving on...

Some junior high gems:

"Tina, Gee, I've known you since kindergarten! Wow! You're someone special I'll always remember! A/S/S Love, Sharon 668-2014"

(I have no earthly idea who this is. Think I should give her a call?)

"Tina, I spit of (Eric the thing) on the phone were good friends. Have a great summer! from Jenny"

(One of my smarter friends I guess. Who's Eric? Who's Jenny?)

And an abundance of people wishing me a"kick ass summer" and those who LYLAS (love me like a sis. Where are you know sisters?! lol).

And high school is full of lots of swear words, lots of obscure references to silly things we did in classes and on weekends, and lots of we rule the school type talk. In high school people liked to fill entire pages with nonsense so it's hard to pull out gems. In case you think I'm exaggerating, this is one person, and it goes on for a third page:

Kristina, Miss Author in Action

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Kate Fall said...

Fifth grade! You were a little boy crazy, girl. I thought I was bad as a kid! I feel a little better now.