Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5 Pretty Things

Tip of the Day: is you have a Papa Murphy's near you, you have to try the Smores Pizza. Yum!

Five things that I'm crushing right now...

These adorable E-reader covers which you can have made at http://hobop.etsy.com. Almost makes me want to splurge on an e-reader!

All the cute umbrellas at Bella Umbrella. Given all the rain I'm surprised everything isn't out of stock.

I've been wanting these curtains from World Market ever since seeing them on Better With You.

These paper flowers. So cute. There's also lots of ideas about what to make with old books at Alisa Burke's blog.

And last, but not least, I couldn't help but point these out. One of my new favorite stores Francesca's Collections has lots of fun retro accessories and knick knacks. Including these...



Kate Fall said...

Ha ha, that tampon case is hysterical. I love the curtains too.

DeenaML said...

OK, all this stuff is super cute. Where did you find the umbrella? :)

Emily Marshall said...

They made me laugh to, Kate. Deena the umbrella link should be up. They are at bella umbrella. Super cute.