Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Favorite Place to Write

Tip of the Day: my husband, myself, and our house were featured in a local news story this past Sunday in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. For the story click here.

When we recently bought our house we inherited the opportunity to participate in an upcoming home and garden tour. There's been a bit of publicity going on lately, and since several people have been asking me to post pictures, I'll go ahead and use some of the ones from the newspaper. For the complete article click above.

I'm debating turning this desk into a writing area. Somehow the thoughts of working in a round room seem very promising. Keep the ideas circulating around. Sounds very Feng shui to me (though I don't know anything about Feng shui or if it's principals are supposed to help with writing productivity at all :) ).



Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

Your house is so cool!

DeenaML said...

What a great article! I can't wait to crash The Castle for a writing retreat!

Kate Fall said...

Gorgeous! That looks like the perfect writing room.