Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer Reading

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Working at a library, I can't help but have Summer Reading Program information on the brain right now. Which got me to wondering how many people usually participate in Adult Summer Reading Programs.

I have to admit that I only have when they are super easier and I can track my books read online. I rarely participate at the library I work at because I feel bad taking prizes, so this applies only to my "home" library.

So I thought I'd ask a quick informally survey. If you want to participate (just for curiosity and to help with future planning) feel free to answer in the comments.

1.) Have you participated in an adult summer reading program at your library in the last 5 years?
2.) Why have you participated or why haven't you?
3.) Regardless of if you've participated or not, do you normally keep track of the books you read throughout the year regardless?



Kate Fall said...

I haven't participated in an adult summer reading program. All my library has offered is a sort of review system where you can make notes about whether you liked a book or not,and I'm not sure they've offered it in a while. Since I read a lot of YA, I don't usually contribute. I do keep track of what I read on Goodreads though.

DeenaML said...

As you know, I keep track of the books I read on my own. But before I did that, and before I became a librarian, I always politely smiled and kept going out the door when the library staff would tell me about the adult summer reading program during my library visits. I don't know why I wasn't motivated to try! Now as a librarian I don't feel like I should try to win prizes from other libraries. :)