Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Staying creative...

Tip of the Day: happy almost summer everyone!

When I first started writing it seemed like the ideas were always flowing. Just like with anything at the beginning it's always new and exciting. But after a few years it feels harder to keep pushing yourself. Keep trying to get creative. Keep coming up with new ideas.

Every author seems to have the joke that they get their ideas from the Idea Store. Because it is sort of funny, no one knows where ideas come from. They are just everywhere.

At the same time, I think you can help yourself spark creativity in so many ways. Some of my favorite:

Reading a good book.

It's hard not to find inspiration when reading other people's work. Usually I get so excited about writing my own that I often have to put down the book I'm reading to work on my own. And usually the inspiration has nothing to do with the book I'm reading. Just reading is inspiration enough.

Trying something new.

I love trying new things. One of my biggest fears is that one day I'm going to run out of new things to try. This weekend to inspire creativity, I worked on some polymer clay jewelry. Similar to these beauties found on polymerclay.craftgossip.com.

What are some of your favorite ways to spark creativity?


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Kate Fall said...

Gorgeous jewelry! I love to read; it really inspires me. I also do needlepoint and embroidery. That gives me time to think while I work.