Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let There Be Light! (or Trends, They Are A-Changin')

Tip of the Day: Have YOU read a novel in verse yet? Embrace the different!

Remember my post from two weeks ago about the lack of dark/paranormal/grittiness in my YA novel on sub and how that was making it a "hard sell" in today's market? And how some of my teen volunteers said they wanted more realistic books and a lighter variety?

Looks like they are no longer the only ones!

OK, so we aren't out of the dark YA cave yet, but I read two things this past week:

1) On a YA listserv, a YA author with about 10 novels published said that her publisher told her they couldn't pub her new paranormal romance manuscript because there is a glut in the market.

2) On Twitter (I think! Gah! I wish I'd saved the link!), a YA publishing pro said that B&N stated that they don't have room for any more paranormal romance on their shelves.

So maybe the trend is starting to rock the other way!

Again, don't get me wrong: I love the wide variety of novels available to kids and teens. And I appreciate that many of the paranormal/sci-fi/dystopian/fantasy authors of today had been trying for years to break into the biz back when chick lit and realistic dramas were the It Girls. Yay HARRY POTTER and Edward Cullen for them! But I'm just ready for a new balance, for it not to be a "hard sell" for a realistic tale.

Let's see what happens in the next few months.

Deena, Miss Subbing for Pubbing


C. K. Kelly Martin said...

That is indeed good news! Let there be balance. Thinking goods thoughts for your YA novel on sub, Deena!

Kristina Springer said...

Oooh, very interesting! Let's cross fingers!

DeenaML said...

Thanks C.K.! I'm so glad your books continue to be bought and read -- you really nail contemporary realism!

Faith E. Hough said...

Good news for me, I guess! Any word on medieval historical fiction? (A year ago, an agent told me it would never sell in the vampire market!) :)

Lisa Schroeder said...

I think thrillers are the next big thing. I want to try and write one. We'll see if I can. :)

DeenaML said...

Faith, I love historical fiction that hits different time periods and would be all over medieval at my library (variety please!), but I haven't heard much on historical in a while EXCEPT that some eds need it to have a "current tie-in" to something relevant today. Does that make sense? I think they mean like a romance or something between the characters that is relatable today, or at any time, no matter what the time period. Keep A2A posted!

Lisa, I LOVE me some thrillers, like Michael Northrup TRAPPED. My current WIP has a bit of a thriller aspect....