Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who knew garbage could be so nice!

Tip of the Day: several people have mentioned lately that eReaders are nice for when you don't want people to see you are reading the latest Danielle Steele novel. To which I say...if you can't be proud of what you are reading...then why read it at all? And for all those people that hate on the Danielle Steele lovers out there...shame on you.

At a family outing this evening our conversation drifted towards books. During the discussion my cousin's nine year old daughter used one of the more interesting phrases I've heard to describe how she feels about books..."ooh...books are a piece of stinky garbage."

My aunt, who's a former librarian, cringed a bit at the saying, as well as the rest of the book lovers in the room.

But you know what I can't blame her for speaking her mind and at one point I probably felt the same way about books. (Wait, I still think my own books are stinky garbage some days.)

All of us immediately starting saying that probably means you haven't found the right book then and tried to get her to figure out what she might like to try reading (Harry Potter and Twilight were both out--which is good since there's tons of other great non-fantasy books out there).

At one point, I disliked books as well. I always felt there was something wrong with me for not enjoying the books they make you read in middle school and high school. Had I known there were such fun books out there that were just light and funny, I probably wouldn't have gone through my Book Hate Phase.

After discovering all these wonderful books, I'm now a true Book Lover. One that is not afraid to admit that she enjoys reading chick lit books, and would never touch your literary book club selection with a ten foot pole (unless I was dared too...then I'd do anything).

And that's what makes books so much fun...there's something for everyone!


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