Thursday, July 14, 2011

This is HUGE

Tip of the Day: Check out the informative interview social media master (and former agent now writer) Nathan Bransford did this week.

Something monumental happened. A big turning point for me really. I didn't think the day would ever come.

I got an awful, scathing review and I couldn't care less.

Really! Can you believe it? Crazy right? It came during the week (thanks google alerts) and I skimmed it (yeah, SKIMMED. I didn't even give it the time to fully read. Huge steps right?) and I could see that the reviewer was high or crazy because he or she went on for like 5 or 6 paragraphs about how just awful she thought my book was (this was The Espressologist by the way). So I closed the site and didn't give it another thought until just now when I was thinking about what I wanted to talk about this week. The me of two years ago would have gone hysterical, called her husband(or writing friends) complaining about the evil reviewer, and made a voo-doo doll of said reviewer (note: I should find old box of voo-doo dolls and discard them). But this time, nothing! I can't even recall the reviewer or her/his key points.

Why is that? Do I not care about people's opinions anymore? Well, no of course I do. I want people to love my books. Am I just emotionally dead inside now? Well gee, I hope not. You know what I think it is? I think I finally get that not every book is for every person. Is my book all those things that reviewer said? Um, OF COURSE NOT. If it was so god awful would a number of publishers fought over it at auction? No. If it was so terrible would I get e-mails from readers everyday telling me how much they love my books and wanting to know when the next one is coming out? Doubt it.

I think we have to recognize our books come somewhere in the middle. When people write and say your book is the best book ever written, it's the most profound, life-changing writing they've ever read etc., is it really? Puh-lease. I don't believe gushing reviews/e-mails either. So when they go to the extreme the other way and compare your book to algae on the rocks of their fish tank it's pretty silly. When I saw that bad review this week I think I even giggled at it.

Look at me, I do believe I've learned the art of the shrug off.

Kristina, Miss Author in Action


Kelsey said...

That IS huge. Can't wait when - or if - that moment comes for me :)


Kate Fall said...

Awesome, Tina, and you are totally right. Not every book is for everyone, some people get off on negative rants (anger is a high) and some people would complain if it rained money.

Note to self: find old voodoo dolls and evaluate to destroy or keep. Hee!