Thursday, July 21, 2011

When Do You Get Ideas?

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I got a new idea for a YA book this week and I'm so excited! It's one of those ideas where I'm examining my schedule and trying to decide what I can shuffle around so that I can start right away on this. That's the only hard part with a new great idea, having to wait. It's like a kid waiting for Christmas. I want to write it NOW! But I need to finish a critique, and two revisions. And I should start a different book I said I would start too. But I'm just going to have to fit this in somewhere. At least until I have a synopsis and a couple of chapters so that I don't forget any of my idea.

I noticed something too this week about when I get book ideas. I almost always get them in the shower or in spin class. Why the heck is that? I'm not sure. Is it the only time my mind is calm and not filled with the high-pitched screaming of 4 kids? Could be. And then I always get the ideas when I'm not near anything to write with! Take this week. I'm on the bike during class, the room is dark and the disco ball lights are swirling, Lady Gaga is blaring, and the instructor is yelling out moves. And I'm trying to figure out how I can reach my iphone to compose a new message to myself with the idea in it and send without looking obnoxious. Fun!

When do you guys get ideas?

Kristina, Miss Author in Action

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DeenaML said...

Often while watching TV/seeing the news/reading about something crazy that happened and then WHAT IFfing it with John. :)

You better email me with your idea! I'm curious!