Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ready, Set, Write!

Tip of the Day: It's July 7th, STOP blowing off fireworks yo! Ok, this is more so directed to my neighbors. :-)

Have you heard of writing sprints? Yeah, me neither until a few weeks ago and they are SO FUN! Basically you gather some writing friends (I've been doing them with Rhonda Stapleton, Michelle Zink, Jennifer Brown, and Danielle Joseph) and you meet online at a set time, someone says go, and everyone writes as fast as they can on their different writing projects. We do it for a half an hour at a time and then report back in with our word count. And we do two of these in a row each night. It's kind of like having a diet buddy, someone to cheer you on to write more words instead of lose lbs. It's awesome! I'm getting so much stuff done this way! Usually I get between 700-900 words done in a sprint so that's 1400-1800 words a day that I can't talk myself out of doing (or get distracted by facebook or Real Housewives).

Give them a try! And let me know what you think.

Kristina, Miss Author in Action


Kate Fall said...

That sounds very cool. I'll be revising for a bit more, but I could use some sprints pretty soon!

Jen Klein said...

Jane Espensen does writing sprints on Twitter. I see her starting them all the time -- love it!