Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pass me the cheese!

Tip of the Day: diving for a softball when you are over 30 = not a good idea.

After watching several contestants get slammed on America's Got Talent for being too cheesy has me thinking...what exactly is too cheesy?

Now I'm all for the cheese.

ABC Family movies anyone? Total fun to watch. Highly predictable, but still fun!

But when it gets a little tooooo cheeeeessssyyyy...it's just...well...not funny and almost painful to watch.

The line of Acceptable Cheese has to be different for everyone, but I think these are my limits:

Acceptable: predictable plot (but still manages to throw in a few surprises)
Cheesy Overload: a plot that's so overdone that it was out of style 5 years ago

Acceptable: people that realize they are cheesy and play it up even more to poke fun at themselves or their story
Cheesy Overload: people that think they are setting trends and are cocky about it, but only deliver a subpar performance of something you've seen before

But as with everything: If you do cheese well, then anything goes!


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